How To Start Writing When You Don’t Know Where To Start

How to start writing when you don't know where to start

Not knowing where to start is actually very common – and it is not a bad thing at all. If you struggle with knowing how to start writing, you’re in good company. The first paragraph, the first chapter and the first page are sources of sweet agony to most of us. There are two main obstacles when it comes to starting writing, and I’ll talk about each of them in turn: a) the physical act of writing, and b) knowing what to write about. The Physical Act Of Writing The theory is simple. Sit your bum in a chair, open … Read more

How To Build A Daily Writing Habit (And Stick To It)

How to build a daily writing habit and stick with it

There is only one way to write, and we all know what that is. As much as all authors love to think about stories, plan stories in their heads and to fantasise about their novel finally making it onto the shelves at WHSmiths, there is one simple fact that none of us can ignore. If we don’t actually write, then nothing gets done. Building a daily writing habit is hands down the ultimate way to realise all of your writing goals.

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