May ‘20 Report

I am currently sitting in my bikini, in the shade on my patio, writing this on my iPad. It’s currently a whopping 26º out, which is a proper heatwave here in the UK. I spent the morning at the beach with the kids, and this afternoon I had one goal – get this blog post up. Just over a month ago I decided to commit to writing full time. And in doing so I also realised I first had to clear all the clutter and other projects out of my life to support that goal. This is my first monthly … Read more

How I Gave Up My Day Job To Write Full Time

How I gave up my day job to write full time

I may be exaggerating when I say I gave up my day job to write full time. Giving up my part time work to write part time, would be a more accurate description. And perhaps I have misled you just a little with the title of this post. Because this is more of a ‘Watch Me Try’ than a ‘How To’. Wanna watch? Then read on. So here we are, all in the throes of a worldwide lockdown. You’d think this would be the ideal time to finish a novel, or finally start the one you always meant to start. … Read more

Novel: The Neighbour

Novel: The Neighbour

Chapter Notes So, rather strangely, I started writing this in 2017, but last year my own mother passed away. I’m sure I have no innate ability to predict the future, but it seems odd, reading it now. Nonetheless, the story begins here. The loss of her parents is the catalyst for Karen to return to her old house and raise the memories of a childhood event that is far from over. In life it is always the endings that signal the beginning of a new journey. Comments welcome, and if you’d like to read more of this (and other fiction), … Read more