Novel Writing – What It Really Takes To Get To ‘The End’

Novel writing - what it takes to get to the end

When it comes to novel writing, or in fact completing any book, getting to The End is a labour of love. And in some ways, it’s that labour of love that separates those of us that want to write a book, from those of us that actually do. The commitment to completing a large project with very little (or zero), external validation, is not to be underestimated. There is no guaranteed reward, interest, or publication. The motivation has to come from deep inside you. You have to really want it. There are some major progress killers in novel writing, and … Read more

Great Storytelling: The Key To Getting It Right

Great storytelling - the key to getting it right

There is an art to great storytelling. The exact same story told in two different ways can feel so different and be either satisfying or unsatisfying. If you’re unsure if your story has what it takes, take a look at the points below and see how you measure up. Getting your story right is not rocket science. Make sure you’ve covering the following items and you’ll be good to go.

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Outlining A Novel (Without Dying Of Boredom First)

Outlining a novel without dying of boredom first

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Stephen King famously admitted that he never outlines (as confessed in his own book On Writing – an excellent read, well worthy of any aspiring author’s time). And you can’t really knock the success he has enjoyed. I quite like a Stephen King novel too, so he must be right, right?

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