Submitting Work

Today I received my copy of Mslexia, the magazine from the organisation of the same name. It’s for women writers everywhere and it’s well worth the subscription fee. Over the last year, my copy of Mslexia has gone unread out of guilt and self-loathing. My novel is still half-written, and my enthusiasm for writing had dropped off the charts. This morning I approached it with new eyes. I’m back in the game. I looked through each page and finally reached the “Open For Entries” section – the list of competitions open to submissions over the next few weeks. I tore … Read more

May ‘20 Report

I am currently sitting in my bikini, in the shade on my patio, writing this on my iPad. It’s currently a whopping 26º out, which is a proper heatwave here in the UK. I spent the morning at the beach with the kids, and this afternoon I had one goal – get this blog post up. Just over a month ago I decided to commit to writing full time. And in doing so I also realised I first had to clear all the clutter and other projects out of my life to support that goal. This is my first monthly … Read more

How I Gave Up My Day Job To Write Full Time

How I gave up my day job to write full time

I may be exaggerating when I say I gave up my day job to write full time. Giving up my part time work to write part time, would be a more accurate description. And perhaps I have misled you just a little with the title of this post. Because this is more of a ‘Watch Me Try’ than a ‘How To’. Wanna watch? Then read on. So here we are, all in the throes of a worldwide lockdown. You’d think this would be the ideal time to finish a novel, or finally start the one you always meant to start. … Read more

Novel Writing – What It Really Takes To Get To ‘The End’

Novel writing - what it takes to get to the end

When it comes to novel writing, or in fact completing any book, getting to The End is a labour of love. And in some ways, it’s that labour of love that separates those of us that want to write a book, from those of us that actually do. The commitment to completing a large project with very little (or zero), external validation, is not to be underestimated. There is no guaranteed reward, interest, or publication. The motivation has to come from deep inside you. You have to really want it. There are some major progress killers in novel writing, and … Read more

Great Storytelling: The Key To Getting It Right

Great storytelling - the key to getting it right

There is an art to great storytelling. The exact same story told in two different ways can feel so different and be either satisfying or unsatisfying. If you’re unsure if your story has what it takes, take a look at the points below and see how you measure up. Getting your story right is not rocket science. Make sure you’ve covering the following items and you’ll be good to go.

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How To Start Writing When You Don’t Know Where To Start

How to start writing when you don't know where to start

Not knowing where to start is actually very common – and it is not a bad thing at all. If you struggle with knowing how to start writing, you’re in good company. The first paragraph, the first chapter and the first page are sources of sweet agony to most of us. There are two main obstacles when it comes to starting writing, and I’ll talk about each of them in turn: a) the physical act of writing, and b) knowing what to write about. The Physical Act Of Writing The theory is simple. Sit your bum in a chair, open … Read more

How To Build A Daily Writing Habit (And Stick To It)

How to build a daily writing habit and stick with it

There is only one way to write, and we all know what that is. As much as all authors love to think about stories, plan stories in their heads and to fantasise about their novel finally making it onto the shelves at WHSmiths, there is one simple fact that none of us can ignore. If we don’t actually write, then nothing gets done. Building a daily writing habit is hands down the ultimate way to realise all of your writing goals.

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Outlining A Novel (Without Dying Of Boredom First)

Outlining a novel without dying of boredom first

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Stephen King famously admitted that he never outlines (as confessed in his own book On Writing – an excellent read, well worthy of any aspiring author’s time). And you can’t really knock the success he has enjoyed. I quite like a Stephen King novel too, so he must be right, right?

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Novel: The Neighbour

Novel: The Neighbour

Chapter Notes So, rather strangely, I started writing this in 2017, but last year my own mother passed away. I’m sure I have no innate ability to predict the future, but it seems odd, reading it now. Nonetheless, the story begins here. The loss of her parents is the catalyst for Karen to return to her old house and raise the memories of a childhood event that is far from over. In life it is always the endings that signal the beginning of a new journey. Comments welcome, and if you’d like to read more of this (and other fiction), … Read more